Outdoor Boudoir Photographer Kamloops

This is probably one of my favorite boudoir photos I’ve taken all year! This lady is so ridiculously gorgeous inside and out! She has a warmth and a youthful energy that is so refreshing and fun to be around! We had so much fun trying on all of her awesome outfits and capturing her radiant beauty! I loved that we had a warm and magical day for the outdoor portraits and that she was open for anything I wanted to try! (even frolicking around the bushes with loads of mosquitoes!) I absolutely love how tasteful and elegant boudoir photos are how they express a woman’s beauty without ever being overly suggestive or explicit. Thanks for being such a trooper and such a delight to photograph!

“Getting photos done with Rozalind was something I wanted to do since before I got engaged. What a better gift than some sexy photos! Rozalind was great she made me feel so comfortable and her talent is unreal! I wish I had the eye for photography that she does! Just do it!” Miss BOutdoor Boudoir Photographer KamloopsOutdoor Boudoir Photographer KamloopsOutdoor Boudoir Photographer Kamloops Outdoor Boudoir Photographer Kamloops Outdoor Boudoir Photographer Kamloops

Hair: Linsee Mae Hair Styling
Makeup: Janet Calhoun Professional Makeup

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