Laine Dagneau - Kamloops PhotographerLaine Dagneau – Looks by Laine

Feature Female for January
Laine Dagneau - Kamloops PhotographerTELL US A LITTLE BIT ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS:
Laine has enjoyed making women feel beautiful and empowered since 2006. She graduated as a licensed Hairstylist in 2006 from Interior Academy of Hair and Design and from the Makeup Artistry program at Blanche McDonald in 2008. She continues to take ongoing courses for constant growth to benefit her clients.

She specializes in designing exceptional hair and makeup for weddings and special events. Her focus is to create modern and elegant looks and her goal is to bring out each client’s natural beauty and complement her unique features. She is best known for collaborating with her clients, meticulously interpreting their vision and bringing that vision to life. Her clients describe her as responsive, reliable, talented and calming and all of them say that they make her feel gorgeous inside and out!Laine Dagneau - Kamloops PhotographerWHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT BEING A BOSS BABE AND WORKING FOR YOURSELF?
Laine: I really enjoy the lack of limitations on my creativity when working for myself.Laine Dagneau - Kamloops PhotographerHOW DO YOU MAINTAIN BEING A SUCCESSFUL FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR AND STILL HAVE BALANCE IN YOUR LIFE?
Laine:  I find balance by hard work and dedication to my craft, and taking the breaks when they come. Learn to schedule in those things outside of work, that are truly important.Laine Dagneau - Kamloops Photographer Laine Dagneau - Looks by LaineHOW DO YOU HELP WOMEN OVERCOME THEIR INSECURITIES?
Laine: Try to lead by example. When things get tough, remain strong. Let them know I believe in them and that they can do so much more than the limitations they set on themselves.Laine Dagneau - Kamloops PhotographerIF YOU COULD GIVE YOUR YOUNGER SELF A PIECE OF ADVICE WHAT WOULD IT BE?
Laine: Almost everybody you will meet can teach you something. Be open minded when challenges arise – they both test and build your character, and help you learn/ grow. Continue to pursue your dreams.Laine Dagneau - Looks by Laine Laine Dagneau - Looks by LaineWHAT’S SOMETHING YOU DO TO OVERCOME FEAR?
Laine: I work to stay true to my beliefs and face the fear head on.Laine Dagneau - Looks by LaineLaine Dagneau - Looks by LaineWHAT’S SOMETHING YOU DO FOR YOU THAT MAKES YOUR HEART HAPPY?
Laine: I surround myself with positive people who inspire me and make me smile.Laine Dagneau - Looks by Laine

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Laine Dagneau – Looks by Laine


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