When I first met Jenny and Jessee I knew right away that I was going to love being a part of their day! They both were so adorable – both with one another and just on their own! The way Jessee smiled at Jenny and the way Jenny just smiled being around him. So, so cute.  Because they lived out of town when I first got their inquiry, I of course wanted to see who I was talking to – so I went to look at their profiles on good old Facebook. In every single picture they were just so darn happy, and the way that they looked at each other in the photos made me positive I was going to love their wedding day, and I couldn’t have been more right! It was a beautiful May Long weekend, with no rain, lots of beautiful skies, warm weather, and a bunch of amazing people coming together to make their wedding day complete. Jessee might take the cake for the outwardly happiest groom I’ve ever photographed. On the way home from the wedding I realized my face was sore from smiling so much and when looking through their photos, I caught myself again with a huge grin the entire time, because it truly was wonderful just being in the presence of such happiness! Jenny is so incredibly beautiful and is insanely photogenic (I don’t think I caught her blinking or awkwardly talking even once!) but on top of that they are two of the most genuine people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. After meeting both their families though, I know exactly where they got their wonderful personalities from; their happy, proud and personable parents! It was a wonderful day filled with a gorgeous, loving, incredible couple, delicious food, amazing entertainment, emotional toasts and of course lots of photos! Enjoy a sneak peek of some of my favorites from their day! xox

Jenny & Jessee decided to do a “first look” and their formal photographs before the ceremony so that their guests wouldn’t have that gap between the events of their day. We had perfect weather and I loved all the emotion that they had for one another in these first few moments of seeing each other!

Most incredibly, touching, emotional and amazing speeches I’ve ever heard at a wedding. I may have shed a tear of two for this wedding!

Venue: Sahali Fellowship Church
Catering: TAKA Japanese Restaurant
Hair: Soon Han Lee
Makeup: Sunna Ahn
Suit Rentals: Moores
Officiant/Pastor: Kellie Gill
Photo locations: TRU Horticultural Gardens & Kamloops Hospice Association

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