I first met Corinna a few years ago when we were working at a restaurant together. I liked her bubbly personality, her infectious smile, where she came from (a small town in B.C. like me) and the fact that she was a contortionist (so random!) A few months in to working together we realized we had something more in common than just some regular similarities – her best friend was my boyfriend in University’s ex-girlfriend! Such a small world, and all the more reason to be friends and have more to talk about!

When Corinna and Ben first started dating it was obvious how crazy they were about one another. He had that Noah for Allie in the Notebook sparkle when he looked at her, and I’d never seen her more happy – I remember one day after I was done work, I saw Ben sitting at the bar waiting for Corinna to be done and we chatted for a bit and I think I said something to the effect of how happy I was for the two of them, and he looked over her way and said “She really is something, isn’t she?” I had a feeling then that they would be one of those couples that lasted and, if it’s possible, a few years later on their wedding day, the way they looked at one another was just as incredible as those first few months as a couple. They are those wonderfully amazing (and not to mention, ridiculously good looking) people that every photographer dreams about having and I was so honored to be a part of their day and to revel in their love for one another. Enjoy the highlights of their day, and all of Corinna’s amazing and detailed Pinterest decorations! Getting Ready Accommodations: Cedar View Estate
Flowers: Cedar View Estate property
Ceremony & Reception: Van Loon Potato Farm, Pemberton BC
Hair: Rachel
Makeup: Christine Verde

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