This lovely lady happens to be one of my oldest and bestest friends in the whole wide world, and when she approached me to do some sexy-time photos for her very lucky man for his 30th birthday, I was ecstatic to play a part in this wonderful surprise! Miss S is clearly every photographer’s dream as she is drop dead gorgeous and has the body of a runway model – she’s also incredibly intelligent, super easy going, of course so much fun to hang out with! We had so much fun jumping to and from different locations, and I was so stoked to be able to have the amazing brick that downtown Kamloops is still blessed with, to photograph her with! I could spend all day photographing this beauty and I could go on and on about how much I love this particular lady, but I’ll leave you to be swept away by all her beauty that is captured in her photos! xo

Hair: Alora Fennell with La Dolcevita Day Spa

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  1. Jose says:

    You are a constant socrue of inspiration. I could stop there, but it wouldn’t lend any credence to the amount of skill you posses.You took a world that was so many miles away, and not only made it your world, but through your eye you made a world others want to live in. You change the universe one shutter click at a time I am just lucky to be on the same planet to witness it. Keep up the kick ass work you make all of us stronger because of it.

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