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The Kamloops Bridal Fair was absolutely amazing this year! As always, there are a TON of fabulous brides, bridesmaids, mothers, friends and some grooms who come out to either start planning their wedding, to grab some new ideas for their wedding, or just to get excited for their wedding! Although I am still shooting weddings (something a bunch of people asked me!) I decided to promote just Boudoir for the bridal fair this year, and what an amazing response I got!!! You ladies are rockstars!!! I was so impressed with how brave, confident and curious so many of the ladies were who stopped by my booth! Boudoir can be a scary thing for a lot of people, but it is all about embracing who you are at this point in your life! It’s the most empowering thing that you can do for yourself and I think that every woman should experience it at least once in her life!

Boudoir is definitely gaining in popularity as a gift that you can give your fiance on the wedding day, but I always make sure my brides know that it is a gift that you are giving yourself, first and foremost! It’s definitely a treat for your significant other, but it’s something that you will look at, and remember how AMAZING you felt that day, doing something 100% for you! Also, boudoir is NOT just for brides! It’s for anyone! Whether you just hit a milestone birthday in your life, you achieved your goal weight, or you want to celebrate YOU, Boudoir is for any occasion, and for anyone! It’s one of the main reasons I absolutely love boudoir! Feel free to message me with any questions you might have if you have ever considered taking the plunge and experiencing a boudoir shoot! Boudoir - Kamloops Bridal Fair(thanks to Stacey Krolow for the cute snap of me + my booth!) Kamloops BoudoirKamloops Boudoir Boudoir Bridal FairBoudoir Bridal FairKamloops Bridal Fair Boudoir Bridal FairBoudoir Bridal FairBoudoir Bridal Fair Kamloops Bridal Kamloops Bridal Kamloops Bridal Kamloops Boudoir Brandy Maddison Florals Kamloops Boudoir Kamloops BoudoirKamloops Boudoir Jimmy Choo Kamloops Boudoir BridalBrandy Maddison Floral

Florals & Styling: Brandy Maddison Event Planning + Design 
Hair + Makeup: Laine Dagneau, Looks by Laine
TRU Kamloops Bridal Fair

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