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“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”
Lucille Ball

I always tell potential clients that a boudoir session is for ANYONE! It doesn’t matter what size you are,  or what stage of life you are in, everyone deserves to experience the love that you will feel for yourself after a boudoir session! I have so many favorite things about boudoir sessions, but what I really love is when a client is super nervous at the beginning of the shoot (which is 90% of my clients, just so you don’t feel alone!) and then within 5 minutes they are laughing, and feeling silly with me, while I demonstrate poses for them! With every set and every outfit change I can literally see the self doubt and worry shed off of them and they open up and  just have fun! Boudoir is about experiencing YOU! I love making my clients feel like they are supermodels after the shoot, and like they can do anything; because, if you can be that open and vulnerable and maybe even get naked outside in the wilderness, I truly believe you can conquer the world!!!

Biggest ongoing thank you to my beautiful and wonderful clients who allow me to share their images with you. It is with their consent that I am able to share with you the beauty that is in all the women that I photograph! Much love + gratitude to you all!

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Boudoir Hair + Makeup: Laine Dagneau – Looks by Laine
Location: Kamloops Boudoir Studio
Top Rated Boudoir Photographer, Kamloops Boudoir

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