My favorite top 5 Boudoir Outfit Suggestions

1. Naked YOU!!!

I loooveee shooting brave women in just their birthday suit! When fashion changes, or you wonder why you bought that neon coloured bra and panty set, the one thing that will always be timeless is you and your body.

I also think it is so so important for us to appreciate our bodies So this is about loving the skin you’re in and saying, this is me, at this time in my life and I’m going to love it.

Top 5 boudoir outfit suggestionsTop 5 boudoir outfit suggestions
2. You + the Sheets
Okay if you aren’t brave enough to show all of your bits we can do something that is almost as good! Shooting in some sheets is my favorite #2 “outfit” because you can get the illusion that you are naked without actually showing anything!
There is also something super sexy about the imagination wondering what is hiding under those covers 😉

3. A bodysuit!

If you’ve ever chatted to me about outfits, chances are I will make you buy a body suit! I find that they are the best all around because you can get them as conservative or as risqué as you want. 

They are also amazing because you can move and be posed in almost any way!

4. A pair of fun undies

If you know me, you know I love my tushy tuesdays! I really love getting you a bum photo that you can be proud of. There are some great undies out there now, and I think it’s pretty fun having a cheeky pair to really enhance your assets 🙂

5. Fishnet Stockings
(and and all are amazing!)

I don’t know what it is about fishnets but they make everyone’s legs look hella long and nice – and I think there is something super daring and a little sexy/trashy about them – which is always fun to channel your alter ego right?

These are of course just a few of my suggestions! I always book a FaceTime consult to chat with you about your individual preferences and to go through any outfits you might have, or that you are interested in using for the shoot! Every single woman is different and the biggest thing is to be yourself and to be confident in what you are bringing and wearing!


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Top 5 Boudoir Outfit Suggestions

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