Sugar and Spice Beauty Bar
Sugar and Spice Beauty BarSugar and Spice Beauty BarTELL US A LITTLE BIT ABOUT YOUR BUSINESSES (Sugar and Spice Beauty Bar)

Sugar and Spice beauty bar is a sweet, modern beauty boutique with a retro flare. We offer a full range of luxury spa services specializing in eyelash extensions, brow design and skincare. As Kamloops’ premier lash and brow studio we are committed to bringing our clients the best in beauty and client care in a warm, relaxing environment.
#yearofyou2018Sugar and Spice Beauty Bar Sugar and Spice Beauty Bar Sugar and Spice Beauty Bar Sugar and Spice Beauty BarSugar and Spice Beauty BarHOW DO YOU MAINTAIN BEING A SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR WHILE STILL HAVING BALANCE IN YOUR LIFE?
Well, I’m working towards mastering this, but I do my best to keep my business life separate from my personal life. I find it can be difficult as an entrepreneur to leave what I do at the work because I’m so passionate about my work. I’m constantly marketing, networking and thinking about my business. It’s not as easy as flipping a switch when you’re ‘hard-wired’ this way!

I’ve found it’s becoming increasingly important to set boundaries, schedule in time for my relationships and practice self care in order to maintain a healthy work life balance. Also, I’m learning to give myself a break once in a while when it doesn’t work that way!Sugar and Spice Beauty Bar Sugar Spice Beauty BarSugar Spice Beauty BarSugar Spice MediSpa Sugar Spice MediSpa WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT BEING A BOSS BABE OR WORKING FOR YOURSELF?
My favorite part of working in this industry has been having the opportunity to meet so many different people and make meaningful connections. Over the past ten years, my business has evolved from working solo to being a boss babe with a team of thirteen women.

I’d say that my favorite part has been having the freedom to hire like minded people who love what they do, have fun doing it and are happy to share their knowledge. Together we continue to learn and grow as a team. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for this kick ass tribe! I am grateful for my peeps and the positive vibes they bring every day.

Sugar Spice MediSpa KamloopsSugar and Spice MediSpa KamloopsSugar Spice MediSpa KamloopsHOW DO YOU HELP WOMEN OVERCOME THEIR INSECURITIES?
We are privileged to have the opportunity to work very intimately with our clients in the beauty and wellness industry. As a technician you become quite energy sensitive to people’s needs. I’ve found that it’s important to not take things personally, because you never know what that client might be struggling with mentally, physically or emotionally. I feel that listening with an open heart to their concerns and practicing kindness is important when working with people. I can certainly relate to feeling vulnerable at times myself.

Helping women to foster a best relationship with themselves can include everything from working with them to achieve their skin goals to giving them a luscious set of lashes! It’s the BEST feeling! My goal is always to have my clients leave my chair feeling like they are confident and beautiful, inside and out. I truly believe that self care is a perfect way to honor ourselves. Show yourself some love! Really – this is how I help women overcome their insecurities.
Sugar Spice MediSpa KamloopsSugar Spice MediSpa Kamloops Sugar Spice MediSpa KamloopsSugar Spice MediSpa KamloopsSugar Spice MediSpa KamloopsSugar Spice MediSpa KamloopsIF YOU COULD GIVE YOUR YOUNGER SELF A PIECE OF ADVICE WHAT WOULD THAT BE?
I’ve always been a very trusting individual, sometimes to a fault. It wouldn’t be accurate to say that I regret the mistakes I’ve made, because our greatest failures can also result in our greatest successes. From my current perspective, I would recommend seeking out support from qualified advisors when it comes to business management.

I’ve always been a great technician, but I’ve never claimed to understand a lot about the administrative side of running a business. I was fortunate to have entrepreneurial parents and they’ve provided me guidance. As well, the Community Futures Program here in Kamloops was helpful. However, I feel there is an opportunity for municipal governments to support young entrepreneurs in their ventures. I believe this is an integral part of building community, boosting the economy, and creating employment. That additional community support would encourage successful business practices.
Sugar Spice MediSpa Kamloops Sugar Spice MediSpa KamloopsWHAT IS SOMETHING YOU DO TO OVERCOME FEAR?
Sometimes the best choice for me is to face my fear head on. I also see great value in practicing being less reactive and allowing myself time to reflect. Whether it be speaking with my husband, family, friends or life coach, reflection helps me consider that my decision making process is coming from a healthy place, as opposed to a fear-based reaction.

Sugar and Spice Beauty BarSugar and Spice Beauty Bar Kamloops SAY ONE NICE THING TO YOURSELF OR YOUR BODY
My light is contagious
(ummm HELLZ yes to this answer – If you haven’t met Arnica her light IS so contagious! This girl is the best!)

Sugar and Spice Beauty Bar

Sugar and Spice Beauty Bar
Sugar and Spice Medi Spa

Sugar and Spice Beauty bar offers Lash Extensions, Brows + Lashes, Waxes, Mani+Pedi and gel nails, Facials + Skin Care, Makeup + Cosmetics and they are located at 433 Lansdowne Street Kamloops, BC
Sugar Spice Beauty Bar

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