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#yearofyou2018Kamloops Boudoir Photographer RozalindTELL US A LITTLE BIT ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS – ROZALIND BOUDOIR
Rozalind Boudoir is a boudoir studio that caters to ALL WOMEN! Women of all ages (well 19+!), sizes and confidence levels. You don’t have to be a model, or be in the best shape, or even have a reason to do a session – you can just use it as an excuse to appreciate yourself and your body. I feel so lucky that Boudoir has become a genre of photography that is now less taboo than it was even 10 years ago. For me Boudoir sessions are all about celebrating the woman that you are RIGHT NOW in your life. Boudoir used to only exist as a gift for a significant other – and has since evolved to be a gift you give yourself. I have women who are celebrating birthdays, weight loss goals, having children and wanting to find themselves again, hitting a milestone in their careers or lives, or just wanting a reconnection with themselves. Boudoir is an experience that will boost your confidence, and give you something to look back on at any stage in your life.  Kamloops Boudoir Photographer RozalindKamloops Boudoir Photographer RozalindKamloops Boudoir Photographer RozalindKamloops Boudoir Photographer Rozalind WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT BEING A BOSS BABE AND WORKING FOR YOURSELF?
Being able to make all the decisions for my business and my life. Although I work way (way, way) more hours than a regular 9-5, I really love that I can leave in the middle of the day to meet a friend, take a day off (although I rarely do), or not be stressed about having to be at work on time (I love being able to go to the gym in the morning without feeling rushed to get to work). Because my husband also is self employed it has allowed us to be more flexible with each other’s schedules and take more time off together (like going on a month long honeymoon in Europe!).
Balance is something I have strived for since starting my business almost 7 years ago and I still don’t have the answers. I really enjoy working and feeling productive so it’s hard for me to see the lines between being too busy and having a life. My husband Kyle is definitely the best person to help me maintain a sense of balance. Since the beginning he has been extremely supportive of my business and was the one who pushed me to go full time, and encouraged me to open up a studio space and he regularly will tell me to get off the computer and come home for a walk with him and the dog. I feel that my success has come from helping women see how incredibly beautiful and confident they are and that is something that drives me to show up for my friends, family and myself a bit more! Kamloops Boudoir Photographer RozalindBoth photos by Stacey Krolow PhotographyKamloops Boudoir Photographer RozalindHOW DO YOU HELP WOMEN OVERCOME THEIR INSECURITIES?
Through my Boudoir Sessions! Boudoir is such an intimidating and terrifying thing to most women. Being vulnerable and naked in front of a stranger is something that is outside most people’s comfort zone. I think there is something so liberating about opening up yourself to new experiences, and that’s what I am here for. It’s hard to explain to someone that they will only be nervous for the first few minutes and then once the session starts they will barely realize that they are half naked! I try to make the sessions as open and seamless as possible. I meet with my clients before hand, we go through lingerie together, I get a questionnaire from them outlining their boundaries and expectations and on the day of the shoot it already feels like we are friends and the walls have been broken down a bit. I want women to feel like models for a day (without the expectation that they have to know what that means!)

I help them through poses, we laugh a ton, and we do indoor and outdoor locations (the outdoor scenes are really freeing and exhilarating!) I love showing my clients their photos before they have been re-touched because I want them to see what badass bombshells they are straight out of camera. In this day in age it’s so easy to compare your body, your skin, your face etc to the magazines or celebrities, but I want women to see what I see when I’m photographing them – that there are SO many things that make them just as beautiful as the women we compare ourselves to every single day.

Pushing myself out of my own comfort zones and doing boudoir sessions for me have also helped me see what my clients go through when they come and see me!
Kamloops Boudoir Studio PhotographerAbove photo by Jana Roller Photography / Below Photo by Riana Lisbeth Boudoir
Anything to do with the outdoors, our pup Sakic and Kyle! Growing up I never loved being outside, but the older I get, I really love how diverse Kamloops is, and how you can head out in any direction and be somewhere completely isolated and quiet. I also never thought that I would love having a dog as much as I do, and Sakic definitely gets me outside plus his goofy little face makes me smile every day! Now that we are growing our family (we are due in February!) I can only imagine that doing things as a family is going to be my new favourite pastime! 
Kamloops Boudoir Studio PhotographerPhoto Cred above: Stacey Krolow Photography / Below: Owen Imaging Photography
Kamloops Boudoir Studio Photographer WHAT’S SOMETHING YOU DO TO OVERCOME FEAR?
I really like to weigh out my options before I jump in to anything, which helps me manage + analyze the fear of any situation. Will it push me outside my comfort zone, will it help me grow as a person, will it be beneficial to me personally or in my business? Answering questions like these help me strategize fear! I also love a good adrenaline rush (skydiving, bungee jumping, basically heights in general!) so anything that gets my heart racing is usually something that I embrace!
Kamloops Boudoir Studio Photographer Kamloops Boudoir Studio Photographer IF YOU COULD GIVE YOUR YOUNGER SELF A PIECE OF ADVICE – WHAT WOULD IT BE?
I feel so lucky that my parents always told me that hard work pays off, and to follow what makes you happy. I feel so incredibly fortunate for all of the things I’ve been able to do, and experience in my life and that I have no regrets up to this point! I do wish I could have been nicer to my body, and been kinder with my self image when I was younger, because looking back now I didn’t realize how much I had to be thankful for! Moving forward I’m trying to celebrate my body and myself every day <3

Headshots by the always talented Stacey Krolow Photography

Kamloops Boudoir Studio PhotographerSAY ONE NICE THING TO YOUR BODY (OR TO YOURSELF)
Thank you for mostly allowing me to eat whatever I want (I really love food, and feel so lucky that I am not allergic or have any crazy dietary issues!) and thank you for being capable of growing this little human inside of me! I feel so blessed that this pregnancy has been pretty great and am very impressed with my body for being able to go through this transformation relatively smoothly!
Kamloops Boudoir Studio Photographer

Rozalind Boudoir has her studio at 340 12th ave unit E in Kamloops, BC

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