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Ladies Only Fitness is going on its 26 Year in Business! I purchased the gym in January 2017 after the previous owner told me I would be great at owning a gym. When she asked me about buying Ladies Only Fitness I literally don’t think my heart could have pounded any harder with excitement. My husband said what every woman should hear, “Yes, that is your dream, let’s do it” without knowing anything more. Before owning the gym, I was personal training clients and training for my own fitness competition. Here we are a year later, and it’s still the best decision I ever made!

I run the front desk, childminding, a couple of the classes and I still take personal training clients as well. I am Certified in kickboxing and pre/postnatal fitness, so I run those classes too. It keeps me very busy especially with my 11-month-old son on my side, but I love knowing that my members know I am there for them and that I am 100% approachable anytime!

We are a fob key gym, so the doors are locked at all times which makes the members feel very secure. Fob Key access is from 4am to 12am everyday including stat holidays. We have fitness classes included in your membership that are taught by real instructors, so they are sweating along side you not just a virtual reality screen. I think this is so important especially in a world where we are constantly in front of a screen of some sort, put it away for 1 hour and enjoy a fitness class!

I started childminding at the gym this past summer because I was noticing it was hard to get my own workouts in, and I soon realized the expense for childcare, and thought this isn’t very affordable for moms on EI, or stay at home moms. I started including childminding in your membership because I feel every mom should get that opportunity to take care of their body, and feel good about themselves!

I get to wake up everyday and go to the place I love, and I get to do it with my baby knowing that I have so many ladies that love him as much as I do!Ladies Only Fitness KamloopsLadies Only Fitness KamloopsLadies Only Fitness KamloopsHOW DO YOU MAINTAIN BEING A SUCCESSFUL FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR AND STILL HAVE BALANCE IN YOUR LIFE?
I make sure to schedule everything in my phone calendar and my day planner. I try not to schedule clients on Wednesdays and I also don’t have child minding so that I have the entire day to spend with my family and take care of personal stuff. The weekends when I run my classes I am there early but I do not have to stay all day so it gives me the weekends with my family as well. Having the fob key system is amazing because it gives me flexibility in knowing that the gym is open to members even if I am not.HOW DO YOU HELP WOMEN OVERCOME THEIR INSECURITIES? 
A lot of women come to the gym because they want to lose weight, tone up or just feel better overall about their health. Many women walk into a gym and have no idea where to start, they just jump on a piece of cardio equipment because that’s what is familiar. I don’t want any ladies to feel intimidated at the gym, so I try my best to make the experience the most comfortable for them by showing them how to use the equipment because everyone must start somewhere. I love that ladies at my gym feel comfortable walking up to me and asking me to watch their form or ask my opinion on supplements. I want all ladies to feel that comfortable no matter what gym they go to.

Ladies Only Fitness KamloopsLadies Only Fitness KamloopsLadies Only Fitness KamloopsWHAT’S SOMETHING YOU DO FOR YOU – THAT MAKES YOUR HEART HAPPY?
I truly enjoy getting my workouts in, and when I can do that kid free and just be in my own zone without feeling rushed, it really makes my heart happy. I also enjoy a good Pedicure!Kamloops Fitness GymLadies Only Fitness KamloopsIF YOU COULD GIVE YOUR YOUNGER SELF A PIECE OF ADVICE, WHAT WOULD IT BE?
It will all work out. Life is good. Not always, but mostly. And when it is not so good, it will get better! Also believe in yourself more, you are so determined!kamloops fitness gymWHAT IS SOMETHING YOU DO TO OVERCOME FEAR?
Everyone has a fear of something, looking silly, failing, being judged. I always have to remind myself that someone else is feeling just like you right now, so you’re not alone! Just go for it! Push yourself! You might not get this opportunity again. Unless it’s spiders, then all logic goes out the window!

You made a human being and have bounced back from it, be proud of the hard work you put in to accomplish that!Kamloops Fitness gym

Ladies Only Fitness – Owner: Delrae Kohnert
Location: 1055 Victoria Street

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