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Do you have a studio? 

YES! My boudoir studio is located in Kamloops, BC and is designed for boudoir sessions.

Is hair & makeup included?

Yes, Professional hair and makeup is included in every collection that I offer. The artists that I work with know how to properly apply professional grade makeup to make you look best in camera. They also know how to style hair to ensure that it is gorgeous and durable enough for the entire shoot. 

How do the outfits work? Do I bring my own or do you provide them? 

I love having consultations with each of my clients to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want out of the shoot. I can suggest outfits to ensure you feel your best, or go through what you already have to see what additions you can purchase if any are necessary. 

I do not provide outfits of hygienic reasons and because every woman’s preferences, and body type are different I’m a strong believer in choosing outfits that accentuate your style and body.

I need some ideas for outfits – help!!

After you book we will set up a FaceTime one on one to discover exactly what you are looking for in your shoot. From there I can give you outfit and styling ideas, or we can start a Pinterest board if you have specific ideas.  

I’m not a model – and I’m not photogenic – can I still book a boudoir session?

YES! 95% of the women that I photograph ARE NOT MODELS. They are real women who have also never done a shoot like this before! I go to great lengths to ensure that you are super comfortable, and I coach you throughout the entire session. I will show you how to pose and how to evoke emotion in your shots! Every woman thinks that she is not photogenic (myself included), and I want to be the one to prove you wrong!

Can I bring a friend, or my significant other to the shoot?

No. I find having a friend or your significant other just adds more nervous energy to your session. Typically the shoot is about 2.5 hours long so they get bored waiting on the sidelines anyway. Feel free to have them accompany you to hair and makeup, or to your in person viewing session after the session.  

What if I get my period right before our session? Should I reschedule? 

No. I realize that mother nature is unfair to us sometimes, but unless you are doubled over in pain, a period shouldn’t stop you from having this experience. If you are worried about your tampon string being visible, don’t be. I’m a woman and I get it, and if for whatever reason we can see it in a photo, I can edit it out. If you are feeling a little more bloated than usual, that’s what great lingerie and posing is for. 

Am I too old to book a boudoir session? 

You are never too old to do anything – I photograph women of all sizes, shapes and ages.

Can you Photoshop me?

If you have a scar that you hate, or you wake up with a pimple on your face – of course I will retouch those things for you. I will not drastically change your body type with photoshop. I will however use lighting, posing and different angles to make you look your best. Every woman I meet says she wants to wait to book a boudoir shoot once she has lost those last 10 pounds, but trust me, we can “lose” them with posing instead. You will never be as young as you are right now, so love yourself right now. Do this for yourself and embrace that you are truly beautiful at this stage in your life. 

Will my photos be on the internet?

Only if you say it’s 100% okay. Your privacy is very important to me because of the nature of these types of images.These are your photographs, and I want you to make the final decision for where they will be shown, if anywhere. 

The companies that do my print and album work are both local companies that work primarily with professional photographers, and they have been nothing but professional towards the work I have sent them. 

What do I need to do to book?

Contact me and we will will choose a date. From there I will send you a booking contract and I take $295 + gst as a non-refundable booking fee to secure your hair + makeup time and book you in for your shoot. You choose your collection once you’ve seen your final images. Payment plans are available to all clients, as are pre-payment plans. 

Have more questions or want to book?