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Empowered Woman Boudoir

Who is Boudoir even for? Or why would you do it? YOU DO IT FOR YOU!

When boudoir first started gaining popularity, it was primarily women doing it for their partners as a wedding gift (I think because women feel guilty about doing things for themselves, and this offered an excuse to take the plunge).
But over the past few years, boudoir has shifted in to a movement where women are doing it to empower themselves – and I am ALL FOR IT. I truly believe that boudoir should be 100% for you regardless of your relationship status. You need to be confident and in love with YOU FIRST before you can truly give yourself to anyone else.

So choose boudoir if you are celebrating your birthday, or a weight loss, or a new job, or an awakened sense of self. The list goes on because there really doesn’t need to be a reason to show yourself that you are worth it.

Empowered Woman Boudoir Empowered Woman Boudoir v Empowered Woman Boudoir

Don’t take my words for – see what Miss I had to say about her session:

“I remember coming in feeling anxious but as soon as I walked in her studio she immediately made me feel comfortable.  Roz is like a best friend that every girl needs! I have never felt so empowered, beautiful and sexy in my own skin! My favorite part was EVERYTHING! The whole experience will make you feel like a million bucks! 

Thank you for this one of a kind experience! I can’t wait to book my next session!!
Empowered Woman Boudoir Boudoir is for you! Self love boudoir Self love boudoir Self Love Boudoir Session Self Love Boudoir Session Self Love Boudoir Session Self Love Boudoir Session Self Love Boudoir Session

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