Empowering BoudoirEmpowering Boudoir Kamloops

I was able to photograph this beautiful and stunning woman almost 3 years ago, and she’s always been in my mind to do another shoot. When I saw her one day at Art Knapp’s I knew this is where I needed to photograph her! She is such a natural beauty with so much poise and confidence, and I absolutely loved being able to come up with something a little more creative for her!
There is something so organic and natural about doing “boudoir” sessions either outdoors or in original places. I feel as though these sessions can’t really be categorized as “boudoir” as they are less about looking undeniably sexy, but more about a feeling.

These sessions always have a special place in my heart because I feel like I can really explore creatively and to evoke some kind of emotion in the viewer instead of just a provocative image. Of course I totally LOVE getting you all bomb ass photos of yourself – especially good bum photos! Who doesn’t want a great photo of their ass for when they are having a bad day? But my little weird art school self really loves coming up with these different concept photo shoots. I know they aren’t for everyone, but if you are wanting something a little less traditional just let me know when you book and we will come up with something completely creative and different just for you!

Hope everyone is staying safe (and sane!) during this wild time in all our lives! Sending you all the love! xoTop Rated Boudoir PhotographerCreative Boudoir KamloopsCreative Boudoir KamloopsCreative Boudoir KamloopsCreative Boudoir KamloopsEmpowering Boudoir KamloopsProbably one of my favourite images in the set. I was told it kind of looked like a crime scene photo (and you know what? it’s pretty funny considering how many crime shows I watch!)Top Rated Boudoir PhotographerTop Rated Boudoir PhotographerEmpowering Boudoir KamloopsEmpowering Boudoir KamloopsBeautiful Boudoir KamloopsBeautiful Boudoir KamloopsBeautiful Boudoir KamloopsBeautiful BoudoirBeautiful Boudoir KamloopsBeautiful Boudoir Kamloops

Art Knapps Kamloops 
Empowering Boudoir Kamloops

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