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Camp Do More Boudoir Photographer

A lot of my blog posts start the same way (I have no words, this girl was amazing, this session made my heart happy etc. Although I almost started this blog post like that, I decided to talk about my camp experience instead.

Being an entrepreneur in a creative field has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I feel so grateful that my passion is my “job”. I’m so happy that I get to go to work every day loving what I do. However, being self employed ensures that you wear more hats than most. So finding time to learn or enjoy can be tough.

When I decided to attend Camp Do More (a camp for boudoir photographers in Toronto) I justified spending the money because that I would be learning. That’s a vital part of business right? It helped that there were going to be so many talented and amazing boudoir photographers from all over the world!

I think the most transformative part of Camp for me was the reminder to be yourself, and make something from your talent that speaks to YOU. This statement (that comes out of the mouth of any creative entrepreneur) seems self explanatory enough, but for some reason when Boon Ong (a ridiculously talented photographer from Calgary) talked about it, it resonated with me.

I loved how he used an example of a model posing with a chair to expand your ideas for generating new ideas. Think about all of the ways, in, on, outside, or around the space of the chair that can be used. Such a simple way of thinking, but when applied to anything it can go such a long way.

After Camp Do More, I stayed an extra day in Toronto and booked an airbnb, and a model, and decided to go in to the shoot with nothing more than the reminder to see more than what was in front of me, and the results were amazing.

The Airbnb was way better than it had looked online, and the model was absolutely stunning, so personable, and was able to convey the emotions that I was trying to express. I left the session feeling invigorated and even more passionate than before. I think that’s the best part of learning – it awakens ideas and possibilities to new things. Thank you Camp Do More for hosting such an incredible learning getaway!

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When does it ever happen that your Airbnb is not only way better in person than it looks in the photos, but also has the most incredible wall outside of the building?! High expectations for my next Airbnb stay for sure! Kelowna-Boudoir-Photographer Kelowna-Boudoir-Photographer Kelowna-Boudoir-PhotographerKelowna-Boudoir-PhotographerKelowna-Boudoir-Photographer Kelowna-Boudoir-Photographer Kelowna-Boudoir-Photographer Kelowna-Boudoir-Photographer Kelowna-Boudoir-Photographer Kelowna-Boudoir-Photographer

My ridiculously gorgeous, lovely and all around amazing Model: Constance Angel – find her on instagram hereKelowna-Boudoir-Photographer

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