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I have my own online health and wellness business with Arbonne. Arbonne is a 38 year old company that has been here in Canada for 12 years, and I’ve been in business for 8 of those. I simply shop from my own store, and teach other households to do the same. I like to say it’s everything you use in the kitchen or bathroom before you leave the house in the morning. I love what I do because being an entrepreneur was not on my radar at all when I first learned about this vegan company, but today I live a life of choice thanks to simply changing the brand(s) I support. I am grateful everyday that I jumped in with two feet, and then figured it out, instead of overthinking it.Kamloops Arbonne Year of You Kamloops Arbonne Year of You SAY ONE NICE THING TO YOUR BODY (OR TO YOURSELF)!
Taking good care of YOU is the best investment you will make. Health is wealth. Kamloops Arbonne Year of YouWHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT BEING A BOSS BABE, AND WORKING FOR YOURSELF?
Making my own schedule! Deciding how I spend my time, where I spend it, and with whom, is the ultimate freedom in my mind. I actually only wake up to an alarm if I’m flying somewhere. I also enjoy a good afternoon nap! I remember reading somewhere that entrepreneurs don’t sleep, they nap, and it made a lot of sense to me!Kamloops Arbonne Year of You Arbonne Kamloops YEar of youKamloops Arbonne Year of YouKamloops Arbonne Year of YouKamloops Arbonne Year of You Kamloops Arbonne Year of You WHAT’S SOMETHING YOU DO FOR YOU THAT MAKES YOUR HEART HAPPY?
Run a bubble bath and READ! Or go to Chapter’s and think about what I’m going to read in my bath next (I’m serious!) I’m such a bookworm, and if I’m stressed about something dumb, or just not feeling like myself I can head to my bookcase and instantly my mood changes. One year as our Christmas cards started rolling in with all these beautiful family photos, I joked that next year I’d send a card of all the books I’d crushed in a year. People were actually very receptive to that, and wanted to know what I was reading. I post every book I finish (yes, I give up on a book if it sucks) on instagram and it’s actually so fun to look back at the end of the year. I love reading personal growth and development books with a good highlighter and post its, but I also love a good dark thriller. Does this mean I do believe in balance after all? hahaha
Kamloops Arbonne Year of YouKamloops Arbonne Year of YouKamloops Arbonne Year of You Kamloops Arbonne Year of You Kamloops Arbonne Year of YouHOW DO YOU HELP WOMEN OVERCOME THEIR INSECURITIES?
First and foremost I have to be confident in myself, and be living my best life in order to help anyone have even a sliver of that in their life. When I am my real, unapologetic, authentic self it’s incredible how many people that can inspire to turn around and then be themselves. I feel so fortunate that despite struggling with my skin, and my body image in the past, today I am able to help someone in both of those areas whether it be with products or an opportunity. Being a part of anyone’s transformation is so rewarding, and sometimes that looks like someone finally committing to washing their makeup off at night. It’s not all massive leaps and bounds, small daily wins are what conquers anything in life. Kamloops Arbonne Year of You Kamloops Arbonne Year of You HOW DO YOU MAINTAIN BEING A SUCCESSFUL FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR AND STILL HAVE BALANCE IN YOUR LIFE?
Well, I feel balance is a myth. Everyone has their priorities, commitments, schedules and passions, and every one of us has the ability to choose what we say yes or no to. I prefer the word flow. When my days and weeks flow I am my most successful, energized and content. No one knows what that looks like but you, Trade calendars with anyone else and you’d want your own back, I promise. I started my business in an effort to put myself back on my list so I have to make choices everyday that reflect that decision otherwise it’s too easy to flip another calendar year wondering what you did for YOU in that month or year. Kamloops Arbonne Year of YouKamloops Arbonne Year of YouWHAT’S SOMETHING YOU DO TO OVERCOME FEAR?
Face those fears! 3, 2, 1 …. GO! Kamloops Arbonne Year of You Year of You ArbonneIF YOU COULD GIVE YOUR YOUNGER SELF A PIECE OF ADVICE WHAT WOULD IT BE?
I’d love to take my younger self out for a flute of champagne haha. Honestly, I would look her in the eye and say, “You are amazing, capable, confident, resilient and worthy. You will doubt yourself often, so the sooner you can push those doubts aside, the sooner you will feel like yourself. There will be lots of moments, even years where you don’t know where, or if, you fit in.

That’s okay, you know who you are and standing out won’t kill you, in fact, it might be where you feel most alive. No one knows what’s right for you but you. Trust yourself and your gut. You are wiser than you give yourself credit for. When people show you who they are believe them, the first time. If you don’t like the way you feel around someone, move on, energy is powerful and your energy is contagious so spread that.

Keep a journal, you will want to write an epic book one day. Give really good hugs and have meaningful conversations because there’s going to be that weird time in your life where everyone is staring at their phone instead of making memories. Look up, be different, don’t quit, don’t compare, when you see something in someone tell them. Don’t bother ordering Venti’s, I’m serious. Your soulmate is going to completely change your life and be absolutely worth the wait. Trust me. Oh and stop spending your hard earned money on cheap clothing. Save up for staple pieces you will wear again and again and feel fabulous in. Trends come and go, so make it rain at the bookstore instead!.Year of You Arbonne

You can find Laura (and all her Arbonne goodies to purchase HERE (my faves are the Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads and the RE9 Advanced Skincare Line!)

Or via her Laura Elliott Arbonne Instagram HERE


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    I LOVE THIS WOMEN….inspiration Much????? If i was checking boxes for friendship like we do for men (LOL) i would have checked them ALL!!!!

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