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Month: June 2013

Paré Family

This beautiful lady and I went to high school together, and although we’ve been friends through facebook during the gap from high school til now, I hadn’t actually seen her in years! When she contacted me to photograph her unbelievably adorable family (with baby #3 on the way), I was so excited to see her and meet her husband and 2 cute little girls! Living in Barriere growing up definitely had it’s disadvantages with the lack of fun things to do after school or on weekends, but the one quality it did have, is the incredible, lush, backyard property that most of our family houses all featured. Mokki’s parent’s house is phenomenal: situated on top of a bank where you can hear the river below, the greenest grass and more trees than you can imagine all at the end of a windy, idyllic dirt road. It was a magical day for photos and we were lucky to have just missed the rain for this session! I can honestly say that I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such beautiful, adorable, loving, girly little girls! Freja and Hazel were little sunbeams who both had so much personality and charisma – I could have hung out with them all day taking their photo (mom and dad are definitely in for some trouble when these girls grow up!). You can see where they get their charm and good looks from though – Mokki radiates positivity, youthfulness and beauty and Rease is so calm, rugged, manly and has such a calm, loving demeanor. I wish they all lived closer so I could watch their family grow, and so that I could meet cute little baby number 3 when he or she arrives! Loved our day together! xo

Samantha Fadear

Samantha is one of those true, true beauties who radiates light and energy wherever she goes! When she contacted me about needing some classic modeling shots for her portfolio, I was so excited to see what we could come up with! It’s undeniable that the camera loves this girl, because every shot was a total winner! Her big blue eyes sparkle in every shot and they just beg to be photographed. Her look is so effortlessly beautiful and she has an effervescent personality that makes it fun to be around her! I could have photographed this pretty lady all day, but instead we’ve planned to do another more creative/editorial shoot outdoors someday soon where I can’t wait to see what else we come up with! You’re going to make such a successful model Samantha! xo

Hair & Makeup: Alora Fennell with La Dolcevita, Kamloops

S Boudoir

This lovely lady happens to be one of my oldest and bestest friends in the whole wide world, and when she approached me to do some sexy-time photos for her very lucky man for his 30th birthday, I was ecstatic to play a part in this wonderful surprise! Miss S is clearly every photographer’s dream as she is drop dead gorgeous and has the body of a runway model – she’s also incredibly intelligent, super easy going, of course so much fun to hang out with! We had so much fun jumping to and from different locations, and I was so stoked to be able to have the amazing brick that downtown Kamloops is still blessed with, to photograph her with! I could spend all day photographing this beauty and I could go on and on about how much I love this particular lady, but I’ll leave you to be swept away by all her beauty that is captured in her photos! xo

Hair: Alora Fennell with La Dolcevita Day Spa