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Billie Hamilton

A month ago I held a Facebook Contest for a complimentary photoshoot as a thank you to all my amazing followers, and to give back for everyone’s amazing support for my first year of business in Kamloops! I had SO many people participate, and it was incredible to see how many times some people shared and liked my facebook page: Rozalind Ewashina Photography! After going through alllll the entries, this beautiful young lady was chosen! Billie is actually an aspiring photographer herself, so it was amazing to have someone who loves photography as much as I do, win the contest! Because I had not specified what kind of shoot was up for grabs for the winner, I wasn’t sure what kind of shoot Billie would want… I decided to throw out some ideas that I instantly had when she was chosen, and I asked her if she’d be up for something editorial and kind of weird, and she was 100% on board! I was so incredibly excited that she was down for my crazy creative vision and I was so pumped for the shoot! The super talented, Strut Beauty & Design was also stoked to collaborate with the concept I had in mind, and we went to work, going back and forth between ideas to find the best look for our model! I am absolutely blown away with how much I love the photos from this shoot and am so thankful that Billie was up for our ideas! Billie’s eyes look unbelievably stunning, and she comes across as a powerful, strong, warrior beauty in every shot. She pushed through hail, wind and dirty concrete to get these shots and I am so appreciative of it (it’s not easy being a model people!) Loved, loved, loved this session and can’t wait for my next contest! xo

Hair & Makeup Artist: Danielle Anderson with Strut Beauty & Design

“‘Cause she’s a cruel mistress
And a bargain must be made
But oh, my love, don’t forget me
I let the water take me…”

Florence + The Machine ‘What The Water Gave Me’

Lorna & Tyler

I love all types of weddings; I especially love being a part of something so big in people’s lives, and seeing how incredibly happy they are together, celebrating with their family and friends. I also love being able to see all different kinds of weddings, both big and small,chaotic or stress-free, and fancy or rustic! I used to think that I wanted a huge wedding (in a big, beautiful church – even though I am not religious) surrounded by everyone I know and love, in a designer lace gown marrying the man of my dreams. Of course over the years a lot of those dreams have changed, and it gets more and more difficult to envision my big day, every time I photograph a new wedding, because I get more and more amazing ideas from every couple I photograph. Lorna & Tyler had melded the absolute perfect mix of everything that an amazing, intimate wedding could ever have to offer. They had invited their closest friends and family for a romantic dinner celebration at the Brownstone Restaurant, where they stood in front of everyone they knew and loved, and were married in a simple, but beautiful ceremony. Anthony Salituro did an absolutely incredibly stunning job of decorating the dinner table and surrounding restaurant areas, with hundreds of candles, flowers, vintage decorations, beautiful name tags and menus tied with satin ribbons, pearls and even more candles. The room looked so elegant, inviting, and stunning, and it was definitely more than I ever could have imagined dreaming up, despite the countless wedding magazines I look at! Anthony set the stage (and set the bar high for my wedding decorations) for a wonderful night and just when I thought that the night couldn’t get any more beautiful, Lorna came through the front doors. She looked like a real life Greek goddess. Her dress suited her perfectly and I loved how elegant and poised she looked. Her hair was perfectly styled and she had an elegant diamond headpiece that matched the pretty jewels around the waist of her dress. When Tyler walked through the door shortly after, my heart melted. The way he looked at his bride was with so much love and adoration was priceless. I always feel so humbled to be in the presence of such apparent love and happiness. Their whole night was amazing: there were more hugs than I could capture, so many smiles, a few sentimental tears, the romantic atmosphere, great food and of course a wonderful marriage! Thank you for choosing me to capture your big day, it was a fantastic start to my 2013 weddings! xox

I loved when Ken from Ra Studio pulled out the hairspray to do an impromptu touch up!

Decorating : Anthony Salituro
Flowers: Jolie Maikapar
Hair: Ken Kozuki from Ra Hair Studio
Makeup: Tara from Beauty Code Boutique
Officiant: Reverend Ray Parker
Restaurant, Ceremony & Reception Venue: Brownstone Restaurant