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S Boudoir

I absolutely love it when women step outside their comfort zones and celebrate their uniqueness, their bodies and their personalities! I especially love it when I meet fearless women who are up for any crazy ideas, or any random locations, and embrace that they are going to have so much fun during the shoot! S is totally one of these ladies! When she first booked her session, she had emailed me saying , “I want to do the photos outdoors, and I want to do it  in February!” I remember being a little skeptical as I know how freezing cold the winters in the Kamloops Interior can get, but she knew what she wanted, and I’m always up for an adventure! This lovely woman is incredible – as you can see from her photos she has the most beautiful and infectious smile and I had so much fun laughing through our whole session together! I’ve been obsessed with gap toothed beauties since I first saw Lauren Hutton in a magazine years ago; since her, I’ve pined over Lara Stone and Georgia May Jagger who also rock their gap on the runways and in countless fashion spreads. S was no different, when she first laughed and I saw her amazing smile and the way her eyes lit up, I knew I had bombshell beauty in front of me! Women always say to me that they want to wait until they’ve lost X amount of pounds, or until they have money for new outfits, or they want to wait until their hair grows out, but what I learned from S is that it isn’t about any of those things, it’s about loving yourself, your body, your personality, right now, in this moment – and owning your own confidence is what really brings out the most amazing ‘you’ in a shoot! I had so much fun with this lovely lady who was brave enough to walk out on to a middle of a lake (which was starting to melt…) and who was brave enough to endure the cold outdoors for this shoot! xo

Hair: Lynn Marie Rhodes-Ortega at Estylo SalonMakeup: Valerie Enochsen at ValBella Studios