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Marcy, Emily & Kalea

Marcy, Emily and Kalea are very dear to my heart and to my family! These lovely ladies are so much fun to be around, and I was so excited to share the day with them taking their photos, creating memories and catching them on camera goofing around! :) These ladies all share a few things in common: they are all as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside – they care deeply for one another and they like to have a good time! When I first met Marcy I remember thinking that no one could be that sweet, adorable, kind hearted and gorgeous all in one person: I figured she must have an evil side, maybe a mean temper, but alas, she really is as good a mother, and as sweet a person as they possibly come! Her girls definitely take after her: Emmy is such a fun goofball – she loves being the center of attention, talking a mile a minute and climbing on anything in site whereas Kalea is a little bit more reserved at first, but once she opens up she is as inquisitive,  joyful and exuberant as her sister! These girls are also both unbelievable gymnasts! The things they can do with their little bodies is beyond what I could ever imagine being able to do! I had a blast watching them jump around, doing the splits and these other impossibly hard looking poses (see below!) These ladies are naturals in front of the camera, and it’s no wonder this post has more photos than usual – I had the hardest time choosing the photos I liked best, because I love them all! You are all so wonderfully beautiful and I love being a part of your lives! xo

Hair & Makeup: Crystal at Evie Beauty

Vicki & Kathleen

It was a beautiful day for a beautiful wedding and it was wonderful finally being a guest at a wedding for my friends instead of the photographer – even though I wasn’t officially working, I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos of these two gorgeous ladies! I met these two lovelies through my sister and my boyfriend before I moved to Kamloops and have become good friends of mine over the year and we’ve had some great moments together (especially when I was able to capture their engagement and boudoir photos!) Their ceremony was so heartfelt and indicative of their love for one another. There were some tears, and there were lots of laughs (probably because their officiant is their really great friend and is known to be the hilarious one!) The day was perfect, surrounded by friends and family all there to celebrate and have a good time! Love you ladies! xo

Wedding Venue: McQueen Lake, Kamloops, BC